Archive: Books

Readers In Wonderland

Readers in Wonderland started as an idea in December 2011. Initially, it was for two friends who wanted to talk about books, and back then they could never have imagined it would expand to the size it is now. Alise & Bec are behind this blog.

Ex Libris

Kate Sowa is a book blogger from Texas and the founder of this blog. She loves reading books from various genre & reviews them on her blog. Her favorites are book of Fiction, Fantasy, Romance genre however she doesn't review horror, memoir & poetry book.

Alexa Loves Books

A book blog by Alexa who loves reading and she started this blog back in 2011. While she talks about books in majority of the posts, this blog has also naturally evolved to become a place where she can talk about all of the things she's interested at.

Fiction Fare

A book blog by twin sisters Erin Arkin & Jamie Arkin who started this blog in 2012 and have been talking book boys, authors, covers, and reviews ever since. Loves to read just about everything including romance, dystopian, indie, horror and fiction.

Christy's Love of Books

As the title suggests, Christy loves reading just about any genre of books that you can think of depending on her mood. She shares her thoughts on the books that she reads and they organized on her blog by title, author or series.

Forever 17 Books

Sara Slattery is behind this blog who loves reading. She is fond of You Adult novels and she reviews them on her blog. Apart from reviewing books, she also does giveaways and occasionally writes fun posts.

Pure Imagination

Lori started this blog on December 16, 2008. Back then she had no idea what book blogging was. Pure Imagination was born out of the desperate need of a place where Lori can talk about the books she reads and loves to share with everyone.

Once Upon a Twilight

Once Upon a Twilight began all because of one book and several years laters the site has evolved into so much more. This site focuses on book reviews along with book news, tv and movie news, events and giveaways.

Rockin' Book Reviews

Lu Ann Worley is an avid reader & the founder of this blog. She is a fan of great Sci-Fi, historical fiction & Fantasy books. Her mission is to cause public awareness of great authors, books and media products for the whole family.

Harlequin Junkie

Sara is the founder and creative mind behind the Harlequin Junkie blog. She is a self deemed advocate of the Romance genre. On this blog you will find books reviews from number of authors. It was created in 2012.

Good Books & Good Wine

April launched her blog in 2009 and she reviews books of fiction genre. She loves music & poetry as well. So, you will find her reviewing music related books as well. On her free time you will find her watching tv & spending time on Pinterest.

Chapter by Chapter

Chapter by Chapter is a Young Adult book review blog created by MaryAnn and her daughter Gabrielle. They both loves reading books and reviews them. They hope this joint venture will bring families closer together with the power of a book.

Parajunkee's View

Blogging Books, Movies and everything paranormal. Parajunkee's View, started in August of 2009, primarily focuses on books, fiction genre books to be specific.

The Kindle & Me

Kindle and Me is run by two bloggers, Kelly Fox and Anjana Vasan. They both love books of fiction genre and reviews them on their blog. Time to time you will find content from guests authors who will share their reviews from this site as well.


IceyBooks is a blog centered on young-adult and middle-grade fiction. You will find reviews, giveaways, author interviews, blogging tips and more. It was created in 2010.