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Hayley Hall

Hayley Hall brings a fresh perspective on everything from fashion and beauty to travel and well-being with a dash of chat and blogging advice thrown in for good measure. It provides a new angle and added insight on all the important launches and issues.

The Notice

It is a beauty blog by Rae. She focus on creating a safe space for all of her readers, full of bright images, detailed reviews, and critical perspectives on the beauty industry.

Beauty Brite

This blog is all about beauty, health, fitness, family, autism awareness, green friendly, product reviews, book reviews, giveaways and more. Stephanie runs this blog and she's a vegetarian, frugal, green cleaning mom.

Beauty Info Zone

Beauty Info Zone is the creation of two women, Marcia and Lisa. They have been blogging about cosmetics since the late 90's and are so crazy about cosmetics they each became makeup artists. Both Lisa and Marcia are certified teachers in Education.

The Black Pearl Blog

Sandra is a UK based beauty blogger who loves skincare, make-up, fashion, photography, interior design and DIY projects. She decided to launch her own blog site out of her passion for all the thing that she loves so much.

Agape Love Designs

Maria Isabel is a beauty and lifestyle blogger & vlogger. She regularly writes on her blog and shares some of her DIY tutorial videos on her YouTube channel. You will find some occasional giveaways as well.


Whitney is a Graphic Designer, Vlogger, Blogger, and Natural Hair Enthusiast. She started her YouTube channel back in 2009 and chose her blog name without any specific reason.


Corrie is a full time blogger. Her favorite things in life are pizza, makeup, big hair, her dog Frank, melted cheese, watching repeats of Friends and NYC. She founded this blog in 2010 when she was studying at the University.

Hot & Flashy

Angie is a beauty blogger who focuses on skincare, style, diet and exercise. She also emphasizes on anti-aging procedures as it's not all about looking good but also to stay healthy and fit to enjoy life.

A Beauty Junkie in London

Jen is based out of UK, London to be specific. She founded this blog back in 2009 as her creative outlet. On this blog she writes on everything related to beauty with odd bit of fashion and general life thrown in there too.

Missy Sue

Missy Sue has been sharing her passion for hair and beauty on this blog. She hopes to inspire her readers with her guide for eye-catching hairstyles, makeup tutorials and fashion tips.


Phyrra is an award-winning cruelty free beauty, alternative fashion, and lifestyle blog. The goal of this website is to empower everyone, embrace themselves that makes them unique, to feel inspired & to not feel pressured to look like everyone else.

Milly Naomi

This blog is written by Milly, a new mum and an obsessive cake baker and lipstick lover. Her blog first began due to her sheer love of makeup. Health and fitness is a large part of her life as well and something she is very passionate about.


It is a beauty blog by Mary. She is an UK based beauty blogger who loves to post about anything that has grabbed her interest realted beauty or style.

Cute Girls Hairstyles

Highly focused on Hairstyles, hair tips, styling information and tricks. Pretty much everything women and girls need to maintain beautiful hair.