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After two years of our continuous effort and lots of discussion, Blogsroll members are delighted to announce the beginning of it's operations. Blogsroll is the outcome of a long held vision of Mr. Iftekhar Bhuiyan, who has deep passion for Blog and the concept of Blogging. At Blogsroll, we believe at the age of online publications, nothing is more important than collecting and organizing data that would be useful to many.

With a vision to list some of the finest Blog & Websites in a single place, Mr. Iftekhar and some of his colleagues agreed to launch Blogsroll.com in early November of 2018. We understand that the Internet is a vast place and carefully picking Blog sites from there is not an easy task. However, we are committed to take up this challenge and continue to work on this idea from behind the scene.

We recently listed few sites and as we move forward, we will continue to list more. Currently we are working to wrap up our CMS and perform some testing before we go public. However, please bare in mind that Blogsroll is a very exclusive platform for Bloggers around the world who sincerely possesses deep passion for Blogging. This is not going to be just another directory listing website. Our user registration process would be based on Invitations only. Do not worry, soon we will have a form that would allow everyone to submit their Blog or Websites. We will soon write a detailed post on this regard. So, stay tuned.

We are looking forward to serve you.

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