Update of Ekushe CMS

  • Rayan
  • Dec 4, 2018
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Back in 2016, I wrote a blog post explaining my intention to develop a custom blogging CMS. Almost 2 year later, I am happy to announce that the coding portion is almost done and has already been implemented on a client facing site. Soon this CMS will be implemented on this site as well.

Apart from the core blogging system, current system allows Users to make comments on blog posts and submit their own blog site related information on the site. However, user's submission is subject to approval from the site admin before their data becomes public. I have implemented site ownership verification system which works more like the way Google allows user's to submit their site information from their "Webmaster Tool". It requires users to implement a "meta" tag to be installed on the claimed site by users. However, this feature will not be available with the core CMS which I intent to release publicly at some point. Currently it is being customized to fit this web site.

Perhaps, one of core feature of this CMS is, unlike WordPress I have moved the PHP Classes and site's database configuration file outside of the "root" or "public" directory which I think will keep the site a bit safer. It may be an inconvenience for some site owner's but I had to do it. A custom captcha feature has been implemented within the site's login system as well.

I will be keep posting updates on this as we all move along. Thank you.

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