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The Paris Review

The Paris Review is a literary magazine featuring original writing, art, and in-depth interviews with famous writers. This blog features new writing, artwork and thoughtful commentary.

Write Out Loud

The performance poetry web site for poets, organizers and audiences. Find poetry gigs and open mic poetry events near you. Join our lively poetry discussion forums. View and listen to sample poems from in the poets' showcase.

The Poetry Project

Poetry Project was founded back in 1966 at the St. Mark's Church in the Bowery. It's mission is to promote, foster and inspire the reading and writing of contemporary Poetry.

Harriet Blog

Harriet is the Poetry Foundation's literary blog for poetry and related news. Thousands of poem and their author's related information can be accessed from their site.

Barbara Jane Reyes

Get all the latest and best poetry blogs written by Barbara Jane Reyes. Barbara Jane Reyes has received the Global Filipino Literary Award for Poetry.


Misan Bel, a happy-go-lucky, sometimes writer, most times rambler, and every-time word craze girl. On her blog she shares her poetry works.

Metaphore Play Poetry

Posts about Poetry written by Michael Dickel. He is an Israel based writer, editor, publisher and a teacher.

Urban Poetry

Linda J. Wolff is an Urban Pen spilling ink in inspiration and words. She's an author of poetry and romance short story books. She writes about the lessons and blessings of life and shares inspiration through poetry and quotes.

Invictum Poetry

Blog by Megan McCullough on Poetry and Ramblings. Her blog showcases original thought provoking poetry about life, love, politics and the world.


Oshane Levy is a Jamaican born poet living in the United States. On his site you can find his poetry works and information on his recently published book.

Flashlight City Blues

Brice Maiurro is a poet out of Denver, Colorado. He has been posting his poems on Flashlight City Blues for years now and can be found performing his pieces at poetry open mics around town.


Rob Chavez lives in Alexandria, Virginia. He makes a living as a computer security engineer and likes classic rock music, dancing, films, writing poetry, studying metaphysics, quiet nights observing the heavens and smiling.

Worldly Winds

Alexandra writes poetry, and occasionally adds links to her regular ramblings, as she stumbles through life's corridors of adventures and mishaps. Somewhere along the way, she hopes to entertain, inspire and maybe even provoke a thought or two.

Poetry Breakfast

Beginning March 20th, 2016 Poetry Breakfast will once again serve a little poetic nourishment every morning. Start your day with our new expanded menu. Poems, of course, are our specialty. But we will also be serving a fuller menu that includes poetry

Provoke Emotion

Poetry, lyrics and their interpretation are in the mind of the interpreter, not the creator. Words hold different meanings to each eye that reads them regardless of why they were written. We write to provoke emotion not to define it.