Welcome, this page explains numerous policies that I stirictly follow to operate this site smoothly. I urge you to go through the policies once in a while to keep yourself up to date.


Collection of Information: Even though I personally do not collect any information from this site, however the system / third party tools used on this site may collect information. I am using Google Analytics, Google AdSense & Feedburner on this site to gather information regarding traffic sources, location, bounce rate etc. which may collect your IP address, Geo-Location and other relevant information and it is not harmful in anyway or form.

Email Address: During the signup process, this site collects your email address which is a very standard procedure to verify someone's identity. However, rest assure that I do not collect email address with any intent to make money in any way or form.

RSS Feed: If you have subscribed to my RSS Feed, you may occasionally receive emails from "Feedburner" with the latest updates of my site. It is an automated system and it's intention is to keep you updated through emails, not spamming.

Disclosure of Personal Information: I reserve the right to access and/or disclose personally identifying information and non-personal information if it is required / ordered by courts or any other law enforcement agencies within the United States.

Chang of Policy: I reserve the right to change any policy mentioned on this page at any given time without any prior notification. So, feel free to visit this page every now and then.

Terms of Use

Signing Up: By signing up to this site(iftekhar.net), you automatically agree to abide by all the issues discussed on this page.

Signing Out: This system will automatically sign you out after one hours of inactivity.

Commenting: I highly encourage you to engage with other users of this site. I honestly appreciate and respect your time, comments, opinion, thoughts and criticism on any issue. However, I follow "zero tolerance" policy in terms of making hateful, racial, swearing comments. Whether you are commenting on my post or responding to someone else's comment or simply creating a forum thread, please be courteous. Treat others and their views with respect and kindness. Violating this policy, creating tensed situation on this site, threatning others with an intent to harm may cause you getting banned from my system (temporarily/permanently). I may even report/seek law enforcement agencies help if it deemed necessary.

Spamming: Spamming comment section or forum threads with irrelevant links, images, contents are being highly discouraged. Do not self promote with your own website link unless it is relevant to the subject matter that being discussed.

Last Updated: January 23, 2015.